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Raptors, A Cute Mongoose, and An Angry Cobra

Our second day in Chobe we planned to drive towards the other end of the park, to the Savute area. It is a tough drive there, so we returned to town to refill on fuel and spent another night on the riverfront before starting to make our way to Savute the following morning. Our first interesting sighting of the morning was a pair of Tawny Eagles mating and nest-building. Not much further and we saw another honey badger.

tawny carrying nesting stuff Chobe
Tawny Eagle carrying nesting material

We hadn’t yet left the riverfront when we stopped to photograph an Ovampo Sparrowhawk. As we watched it jump from branch to branch, I noticed a Martial Eagle about 400m high off the ground, stalling in midair before going into an impressive stoop. The Guinea Fowls noticed its approach and started alarming and running for cover. The Martial missed and went to sit on a nearby tree. No sooner had we approached the tree that she flew straight from her perch to some bushes just out of view. The Guinea Fowls started yelling again but this time it was no use. The Martial had got its talons on a young Guinea and flew to a tree to pluck and eat its prize. We watched for quite some time before we remembered that we had a tough drive ahead of us and we set off. Just as we were leaving the riverfront, we saw more than 40 vultures coming down fast to the ground. Unfortunately, what they were flying to wasn’t anywhere near the road so we could only guess at what died, and what might have killed it …

martial with kill at chobe
Martial Eagle carrying its kill: a young Guinea Fowl

We arrived in Savuti, the south-western part of Chobe NP, and were immediately struck by its potential for predators – large open areas with sporadic water holes. Zebras and Wildebeest, different races than those we were used to in East Africa, congregated at these water holes. I delighted in seeing a new species of very cute Mongoose. From the illustrations in the mammal guide, we think it could be a Selous Mongoose or a Yellow Mongoose (any carnivore specialists out there?). We also saw a different race of Topi, this one called the Tsessebe. Brown Snake Eagles and Black-shouldered Kites were our common raptors and we got very excited at seeing another Red-necked Falcon. We didn’t see any of the large ground predators, but there were plenty of signs that they were around. Large Bull elephants stood at regular intervals under tall trees, or bathed in mud puddles. Pleased with a great four days in Chobe, we returned to Kasane town where we fueled-up, ready for our next destination.

selous mongoose chobe
Mongoose (species ?)

zebras at waterhole chobe
Zebras around a waterhole

angry cobra at savuti
Angry Cobra in Savuti