Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Little Owl Sanctuary: Batelle

by Sarah Higgins of The Little Owl Sanctuary The Fish Eagle with the broken right wing that was brought in in July is recovering well. We have decided that she is probably a girl and have christened her ‘Batelle,’ because of her brave fight for survival. I have yet to hear her call – which […]

Role Private Land Owners Can Play in Conservation

Simon Thomsett (Photos by Laila) After a few grey days spent in Thika trying to take pictures of a pair of Black Sparrowhawks and an African Hawk-eagle, we returned to Solio Ranch where we had spent a few days last year. We were sad to leave the Thika house, which is a grand old Kenya […]

International Vulture Awareness Day

Text and photographs by Laila Bahaa-el-din Vultures are in trouble worldwide. In East Africa, the deliberate poisoning of carnivores is leading to the demise of vultures, while in southern Africa, vulture parts are used in witchcraft and in West Africa, loss of habitat and their use as bush meat are proving catastrophic. In South Asia, […]

The Homeward Run

by Simon Thomsett When I dropped off Laila at the airport in South Africa, I was immediately lost in the vast city of Pretoria. I knew I was in trouble when I passed the zoo twice. Without my navigator, I soon came to grief and this was not helped by having no road map and […]

Where are the vultures going to?

Vultures have been getting a lot of attention recently what with the poisoning crisis in East Africa, but still so little is known about these vultures. In Kenya, eight species occur: the African White-backed, Ruppell’s, Lappet-faced, Hooded, Egyptian, Palm-nut, White-headed and Bearded, all of which are in decline, some catastrophically. It is with this in […]