Monthly Archives: July 2009

The Little Owl Sanctuary: A New Fish Eagle Arrives

Guest post from Sarah Higgins of The Little Owl Sanctuary Yesterday, July 25, a poor broken Fish Eagle was brought in. It had been found the previous evening trying desperately to fly and getting nowhere, so it was picked up, put in a cardboard box and brought round to me the following morning. I checked […]

The Little Owl Sanctuary: Meet Waddlesworth

Here’s another great guest post from Sarah Higgins! In April, on the shore of Lake Elmenteita, a young pelican waddled up to a weekend cottage and begged for food from the couple staying there. As you can imagine they were somewhat startled by this but they rushed to the fridge and dug out some tilapia […]

Rosy’s News

Guest post by Sarah Higgins, who’s taking care of Rosy and Girl and many others. More to come! There has not been an update on Rosy for a while as there was nothing new to report. Rosy’s sight still leaves a lot to be desired. Dr. Dan came to see him and measured his eyes […]

Joining the Raptor Road Trip

A guest post by Rob Davies! It was my favourite thing to do … couple of days in Cape Town, getting back into Africa mode, then that amazing flight into the dry, seeing the vegetation recede and the land redden as one approached the heart of the Kalahari. The sky was gold and the swifts […]

The Drakensburg

From Thabazimbi with Pat Benson, we drove all the way to the Drakensburg, and without a road map or functioning GPS, managed to find our way in the dark to the location of the Bird of Prey Working Group AGM which we attended for the week. We met all sorts of great people at the […]


One of the special Southern African endemic vulture that we needed to “get” for our book on African raptors is the Cape Vulture. This magnificent raptor is sparsely distributed today in Southern Africa. There are for example, only a few dozen in the whole of Namibia, which is a staggering thought given that that country […]