Monthly Archives: May 2009

Wild Cats and Kills in Etosha

On day three in Etosha, we started driving towards our next campsite. We spotted four lionesses on the horizon, in front of the pan. We tried to get ourselves closer to the lions but were distracted by a pair of Red-necked Falcons sitting in a tree. They moved from one waterhole to another and we […]

Birthday in Etosha

On our second day in Etosha, I told Simon the pressure was on for him to find me exciting wildlife for my birthday. He spotted a distant lion but that didn’t cut it. We sat by a waterhole and watched a Kudu and zebras. As we drove away from the waterhole, I noticed a small […]

The Okavango Floods

We finally left Maun after some work on the car and were heading towards the Okavango panhandle when the car gave up again. It seemed the problem hadn’t been resolved. We push-started several times but it started getting dark so we headed for a camp site that was a few km off the main road. […]

Outfitting For an Overland Trip

Starting from Kenya, we were already ill-prepared for an overland trip in terms of specialized kit such as metal planks, chains, off road tyres, sliding solar panels, multi-battery arrangements, roof top tents, internal lighting, inverters for computers, fuel and water pumps, water filter systems, etc. What we put together were “Jua Kali” (quick fix) versions […]