Monthly Archives: February 2009

Mutt’s Mountaintop Home

Mutt the Bearded Vulture was moved to Ol Donyo Laro a few weeks ago. Mark Jenkins had built her a large pen near his house. This was an excellent first base camp for her but it was not intended to be a release location. She was to settle here until she found her bearings and […]

Vultures, Eagles and Falcons on Ololokwe

Ololokwe, or Ol Donyo Sabache as it is more properly called, is a huge flat topped, cliff-lined mountain lying just North of the very centre of Kenya. To many it is the doyen of all mountains in the arid lands of Kenya. It forms the subject of cliché paintings of the north. Geographically it appears […]


Ololokwe is a mountain in northern Kenya. Simon did work there in the early nineties and knows it to be a particularly good spot for raptors, particularly rare ones such as Barbary and Taita Falcons and Egyptian Vultures. We found John Lesepe, our guide, who was to take us up the mountain and he helped […]

At last – Red-necked Falcons!

We got some welding done on the car in a little town outside Samburu called Archer’s Post and camped there for the night. We went to Shaba, another small reserve, first thing in the morning. We drove through the majority of Shaba without seeing much until we reached a kopje which we drove around. On […]

Unusual Behaviour

After spending three days in Lewa, where we were pleased to see large numbers of harriers but disappointed that the cliffs which used to have more than 50 nesting vultures now had none, we moved on to Buffalo Springs and Samburu. It proved to be an interesting three days we spent there, full of unusual […]

Harriers at Lewa Downs

Harriers are in decline globally. They tend to like swamps and marshes or areas of long grass; all habitats that are losing ground. In East Africa, we have only one resident species: the African Marsh Harrier. Despite searching long and hard, I have only seen about five of which I am certain in the last […]

Rosy’s eye check up

Rosy the Crowned Eagle has not been improving as well as we hoped after two cataract operations. Dr. Dan Gradin, the ophthalmologist who did the operations, was going to be in Naivasha and he and Sarah Higgins had arranged a meeting on Saturday, January 24. Laila and I were able to meet them. The last […]