Monthly Archives: January 2009

Mutt the Bearded Vulture finds a new home

In late 2001, I abseiled down a cliff into a gorge just north east of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. The edge was covered in thick vegetation and was full of shards of frost that snowed down on my neck as I gingerly let go of my right hand and dropped down only some 50 feet […]

Lions and cheetahs get in the way

We had about a week before the Bearded Vulture‚Äôs new home would be ready so we decided to take off for the Mara. We had several species that we aimed to photograph and we were also interested in seeing how many vultures were around during this time of year. All the wildebeest are in the […]

Back With a Vengeance

After all the setbacks, we were keen to get on the road as soon as I got back to Kenya on December 30th. We set off for Nakuru, a small National Park on a brackish soda lake full of flamingos and pelicans. We had received a tip that it had lots of migrant Steppe Eagles […]