Monthly Archives: December 2008

The Food Pass

Laila wrote in one of her recent entries that we witnessed the rare Ovampo Sparrowhawk make a “food pass” in mid air. Food passes are essential when it comes to one mate giving food to another or to one of its young. But within a pair they serve a purpose in themselves. For example: When […]

The Stoop

The falcon stooped and fell across the sky to rebound among a small flock of birds. She mounted high again, turned and powered herself down for another onslaught. They flew out of sight and the result was unknown. Since the dawn of man few things in nature have been so exciting to watch. This same […]

Beneficial Birds of Prey and their Effect on Prey

When I first started working in raptor conservation for the Peregrine Fund in early 1990s, my then boss Dr. Rick Watson and I discussed the various merits of raptors. How would we best promote them? They are persecuted widely in Kenya and are not viewed as beneficial. There is very little in the way of […]

Success in Tsavo

Despite having got a few photographs of raptors in Tsavo West over the first three days we were there, it was rather disappointing. We saw very little in the way of vultures or any other raptor for that matter. We didn’t even see any of the lions or elephants that Tsavo is famous for. The […]

Searching for Eagles in Tsavo

Laila and I spent the last few weeks on safari photographing raptors in Tsavo National Park and at Sokoke Forest at the coast. It was a productive period which we first began with old friends at Finch Hatton’s in Tsavo West. I started out on crutches thanks to my recent leg and hip injury, but […]