Monthly Archives: October 2008

Veros Brutal Murder and My Version of My Accident

A couple of days ago, I read my e-mails and my heart sank when I read the first line on screen. “I am sorry to tell you that Vero’s was killed …” Martin Wheeler took on Vero’s a couple of months ago because I was closing down the raptor facility at Athi River. Vero’s, a […]

Leaving Aberdares: Vultures, a Hyena Stake Out and a Giant Spider

We left Sungare Ranch later than we hoped. We did not make a road count of raptors on the way as we needed to get a proper method in place. But we did see a migrant Steppe Buzzard and a local Peregrine Falcon above the road. We were both filthy dirty when we arrived in […]

All In A Day’s Safari – Leopard, Forest Hog, Eagles, Hundreds of Rhinos!

We left Aberdare NP late yesterday evening after having had a successful couple of days. Simon has already written about the eight black servals which were stunning. We were disappointed at the few mountain buzzards which were our target species. We arrived back in Solio and were paying for a night of camping when we […]

Aberdare, Melanistic Servals and Mountain Buzzards

Very few places can duplicate the sudden transition, in the space of less than a meter from human-dominated landscape to apparent pristine jungle, as well as the Aberdare National Park in Kenya. The moment you cross a line you have your eyes peeled for animals which are abundant and secretive. As you drive through the […]

Taking the Expedition On a Trial Run

In our quest for raptors, Laila and I drove first to Sungare Ranch where we stayed in a friend’s house on a small conservancy before taking a drive early this morning through Solio Sanctuary. It is dominated by Yellow Fever Acacia which grows by the banks of a swamp and small stream. White Rhino teamed […]

Up and Down Week for Rosy and His Team

From Sarah Higgins This has been a week of ups and downs. Rosy had an operation on both of his eyes on Saturday the 11th and now we are back to putting drops in his eyes four times a day. He was a very much quieter bird for the first few days after the operation, […]

Return from Naivasha: Rosy, Eagle Sightings

Rosy stepped out of the kennel and onto the glove with a vigour he has not shown for months. I walked him about and reassured him in soft tones that all was well. For the last few months during his complete blindness, he had been mellow and calm. He also “read” – a term used […]

Rosy Recovers After His Operation

Rosy stepped out of his dog kennel and onto the glove this morning still groggy from yesterday’s operation. He was a little different from usual in that he was more active in moving his head and scanning the world through open, if bleary, eyes. The eyes themselves were opaque, but that was to be expected […]

Rosy’s Second Eye Operation

Laila and I drove to Naivasha to stay with Sarah and Mike Higgins on Friday night where I was able to reunite with Rosy and Girl for the first time in weeks. I was shocked at the condition of his eye, but Rosy was in good spirits and was particularly talkative. The iris of the […]

Crowned Eagle Faces Another Eye Operation

We are in Naivasha as Rosy the Crowned Eagle is set to undergo emergency surgery on his eyes tomorrow. We get online as often as we can and when Simon checked his inbox yesterday, e-mails were flying around between all concerned parties about a sudden change in Rosy’s right eye. It seems he has glaucoma […]