Monthly Archives: September 2008

Another milestone

From Sarah Higgins: At 1.45 this afternoon, Rosy laid claim to his new territory! This is the first time that he has used his territorial call since he has been in Naivasha. It was also the first time that I have ever heard a Crowned Eagle’s full cry and I was momentarily confused by this […]

Rosy and Girl in their new home

Sarah Higgins is kindly providing a home for Rosy and Girl and will be giving updates on their progress in their new home. Here is Sarah’s first instalment: Sarah and Girl My building team had a big job finishing the eagle ‘Palace’ in time for the grand arrival – we even had to redo the […]

Preparing for the expedition

The final preparations are under way for the raptor expedition. Simon is moving Rosy and Girl to their new home in Naivasha today. He will be travelling to the UK on Friday to sort out a couple of things, after which he joins me in Ireland to help transport all the equipment back to Kenya. […]

An odd looking Eagle

On the morning of the 18th September I was on the computer for hours and was very relieved to get a phone call from Robin Stanley near Salaama. He had what he thought was a young African Hawk Eagle, caught in a water trough near-dead from drowning. I put the phone down and was in […]

Rosy’s eyes

The last week was taken up with Rosy, the Crowned Eagle. The operation on his eyes was just over a week ago, and although there has not been a miraculous overnight recovery of vision he is strong and healthy. Over the week, there has been much discussion regarding the odd mushroom-like protrusion coming out of […]

Rosy: how he got his name

Jim asked if I could explain why Rosy was given this name. Rosy is a male. He is about as male as you can get. I have grown so used to accepting Rosy as a male’s name that I cannot understand the muddle some people get into when they refer to Rosy as a “she”. […]

The Rains

Rosy sits outside right now eating contentedly on the lawn. He is not alone as Tim the Lanneret has come back after a few days out on his own, and sits on his perch about 10m away. Things are looking bright and fresh. The rains broke 3 days ago, and with it came an end […]

Rosy’s return home

I wish that I could report a miraculous recovery. But it is not so. There remains the agonizing uncertainty and he has a long way to go before the eyes clear up. I had remained in Nairobi at the Cockar’s house on Sunday morning and this allowed Drs Barry Cockar, Dan Gardin and Nonee Magre […]

Rosy’s operation (Part II)

After the excitement died down, and my stage fright had gone I looked around me at a room filled with 17 people. I had dreaded this day for nearly a year, and certainly the last 6 months my worries had got to the point that I was sure I would pass out at this crucial […]

Cataract operation on Rosy the crowned eagle is a success!

Saturday the 7th Sept 2008 began early. It was difficult to sleep so I awoke before sunrise watching Tim the Lanner at the other end of the room do his morning preening session. Because the operation was to begin at 1pm, I thought it best to pack the car and leave for Nairobi at around […]