Monthly Archives: August 2008

A night-time trip to the Incredible Swamp

On the night of 24th June 2008, Laila, Guido and I went to an innocuous little pond just off the side of the road on Friends of Osa land. It did not look promising but the first step off the road revealed a Red-eyed Tree frog. This is the quintessential frog of Central America. Just […]

An update on Rosy

Rosy the male Crowned Eagle with cataracts was taken out of his shed three weeks ago. The measurements taken by Dr Tony Walia and Dr Nonee Magre at the Kikuyu Eye hospital were circulated by email and we received the great news that Ingeborg Fromberg, the head of Acrivet ([email protected]) had a few suitable lenses […]

Bringing the Harpy Eagle back to the Osa?

Visitors often make the mistake of rushing things. I took the next few weeks slowly. Some days it poured rain continuously and there was no choice but to stay house-bound learning to play cards and painting. I got to meet more people and socialise more often in those few weeks than in the last few […]

Trekking through Corcovado NP

Five of us, led by Guido Sabario, walked 18km into Corcovado National Park, to stay 2 nights at Sirena, the park’s central HQ. I was impressed by the lack of vehicle access to the park. It was only accessible by foot, or by boat or plane, no cars. To back-pack without park or local community […]

The Osa (Costa Rica part 3)

The Osa has undergone changes, from pristine forests and glades, to cleared farmland, to private property investments and tourism ventures, to secondary growth and back to emerging primary growth. The sequential progression from one habitat to another is rapid, due to the enormity of the rainfall and land fertility. Plants grow fast and take over […]

Monkey Time (Costa Rica part 2)

mWe were to stay the next few nights at Cheryl Chip’s house, a beautifully designed and built three-storied rondaval that pushed discreetly up beyond the high canopy. The view from the top stared south down to the rolling surf of the ocean, to its east a crocodile lagoon, to the west beyond the deep forested […]

My trip to Costa Rica (Part 1)

The night I arrived in Costa Rica, it poured with rain. I stood on a balcony outside my hotel room in San Jose, overlooking a small street and could only see vague details through the torrent. It pounded down on the roof till 3am, yet the electricity stayed on. As soon as it stopped, I […]

Lucy did not return

On the 8th August, I returned with Rosy from his eye exam at Kikuyu. It was late afternoon and Rosy was still dopey from being anesthetised. I went, as usual, to release Tim and Lucy, the pair of Lanner Falcons, for their afternoon flight. They had a set routine, rushing off together and sometimes fighting, […]


The small male Black Sparrowhawk with spinal injuries died recently. Quasimodo was very ill. On post mortem, I noted that the urates were hard and granular with bleeding extending from his kidneys to the vent. He had always a history of difficulty in defecating. For the first few months, he had to have a moist […]

The Great Expedition

Being slow-breeders and top-end predators, birds of prey are highly vulnerable to any persecution or change in their habitat and environment. These traits also make them good indicators of overall ecosystem health. Not enough is known about birds of prey at the expert level, or by the world at large. This has led us to […]