Monthly Archives: January 2008

Home life

I could not think what to name this “blog” entry. It summaries the difficulty in being in the field without the usual amenities of a town. Running a rehab centre needs seclusion, but in trying to keep up with the information highway, the run-away field of expertise of my more research orientated colleagues I feel […]

Wahlberg’s Eagle

Wahlberg’s Eagle. The Wahlberg’s Eagle is a small version of the more commonly encountered Tawny Eagle. Unlike them however they have short crests and 2 or 3 colour morphs, one a russet brown the other almost cream white. The third ‘morph’ is something in between that can be very confusing. ‘Morphs’ are colour variations predetermined […]

Black Sparrowhawk.

Quasimodo the Black Sparrowhawk. The young male Black Sparrowhawk with a fractured spine and brain injury is doing well. Because he is a mess, stands crooked and leers at the world with his head slightly to one side I have named him Quasimodo after the Hunch-back of Notre Dame. When I received him back in […]

Indian Raptors

Raptors of India.Species account and abundance. There are some 66 diurnal species that occur within the mainland Indian sub-continent, of which 38 could be said to breed within its geographical boundaries. Some 24 owl species occur, which is remarkably diverse despite many being restricted to small pockets. The numbers of breeding resident diurnal raptors is […]