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30th oct 2007

30th Oct 2007. On the weekend I spent Sat morning with a bloated male cheetah, who was very different to the 3 coalition males we sometimes encounter. He was very much tamer. Jim and Debbie Cavanaugh had spotted him lounging on a dam wall in bright sun and in full view and let me know. […]

Buffalo Encounter

17th Oct 2007 Last night was supposed to be spent listening out in case Duchess got into trouble. She had chosen a lofty tree over some large pools, under which were suspicious tunnels and cleared undergrowth. Using the logic that lightening never strikes twice the location of the tent was placed on top of elephant […]

16th Oct 07- Camping In The Forest

Duchess about to perch on a tree branch. You can just make out her curled talons. Peter reassured me that Duchess and I were welcome for as long as it takes. He suggested going for a buzz in the plane to check out a few areas further to the south. Areas that had forest, but […]

Looking For The Right Territory

15th Oct 2007-Diary entry Duchess spent all night in the same high perch on the forest edge. During the night a pair of Wood Owls patrolled their patch and I upset the male very much by replying to his hoot. It was a miserable hour that followed with him making as threatening a hoot as […]

Amos and Duchess

14 Oct 2007 Slow Sunday morning. Duchess jumping about in shower room dragging the back-pack around finally got me out of bed at 6.30am. A hearty breakfast with Joe the camp manager. We made a plan to go to the top forest around 11AM. Took pictures of Narina’s Trogon and flowering trees. 11AM found Amos, […]

Protecting the Last 1.7% of Indigenous Forest

13th Oct 2007- Diary Entry Duchess spent night in the shower sitting on the back-pack. At 6AM the camp suddenly arose with people bustling about. My first raptor faintly heard was an African Goshawk. The ‘click click click’ sounding like two hard stones tapped together. Duchess although very lively yesterday afternoon and seemingly recovered, was […]


12th Oct 2007- diary extract Me holding a martial eagle After a week of rapid communication Mark Jenkins confirmed that they could fly Duchess and I down to Ol Donyo Laro on Friday morning. I prepared a radio transmitter for Duchess by soldering a lithium 3v camera battery to an old transmitter. The soldering iron […]

The Real King of the Jungle

An unreleasable pair of Crowned Eagles, have produced 12 young. All are released and some have gone on to breed in the wild. This story covers the release of ‘Duchess’. Laila Bahaa-el-din is holding ‘Dutchess’ here prior to release Crowned Eagles are one of the world’s most powerful eagles. On average they kill heavier and […]